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    The 18/34 with a horizontally omnidirectional transducer beam pattern is a universal tool for communication in reverberant shallow waters. The beam pattern is optimal for horizontal transfers between mobile and/or stationary nodes.

    Its compact transducer and great speed/range combination makes the standard 18/34 the most popular model for fast communication and positioning up to 2000 m deep.

    Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


    18/34D with a horizontally omnidirectional depth-rated transducer is a limited edition of 18/34.

    18/34D is only available in titanium housing and is depth-rated for up to 6000 m, offering high-speed communication and positioning for deep-water applications.

    Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


    The 18/34H version offers the same speed and operating range as 18/34, but provides a wider-area coverage. 

    Its larger transducer with hemispherical beam pattern is optimal for horizontal, vertical and slant transfers between mobile/seafloor nodes and the surface. 



    Operating Depth
    Delrin housing
    200 m
    Aluminium Alloy housing
    2000 m
    Stainless Steel housing
    2000 m
    Titanium housing
    2000/6000 m (18/34D)
    Operating Range
    3500 m
    Frequency Band
    18 - 34 kHz
    Transducer Beam Pattern
    horizontally omnidirectional
    hemispherical (18/34H)


    Acoustic Connection
    up to 13.9 kbit/s
    Bit Error Rate
    less than 10-¹⁰
    Internal Data Buffer
    1 MB, configurable

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