Underwater Acoustic Modems

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The S2C R “standard” build modems are highly configurable. The series features a large selection of short- mid- and long-range devices for shallow or deep water applications.

S2C R modems offer the widest selection of options and depth ratings to find an exact match to most unique and application-specific tasks.

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S2C M-series offers the full benefits of the S2C technology in a light and compact design, targeting size- and weight-sensitive applications. 

The series features several popular transducers in high- and mid-frequency range, as well as a unique high-frequency transducer for fast short-distance transmissions.

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The newest light and ultra-compact design represents a size reduction of almost 20% compared to mini-modems.

The S2C T series form factor is available for high frequency models, catering to various applications with 4 frequency range/directivity options.


Underwater acoustic modems sorted by frequency and operating ranges




Seamless system integration and interaction between different components of underwater infrastructure are key to effective operations.

EvoLogics underwater acoustic modems are the basis for integrated devices that combine powerful communication performance with extended functionality for positioning, sensing, system integration and development tasks.

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S2C R USBL devices combine powerful USBL transceiver functionality with the full benefits of an S2C technology communication link. The built-in USBL antenna allows for simultaneous data transfers and target positioning.

Multiple configuration options and depth ratings allow to find the best-fit solution for various application-specific scenarios.

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OEM for system integration

All EvoLogics underwater acoustic modems are available in OEM configuration (cable-mounted transducer and electronics without housing) for system integration with underwater vehicles, moored stations and other equipment.

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Any S2C R underwater acoustic modem can be configured as an S2C beacon - a compact battery-powered device with built-in acoustic release mechanism and floatation collar.

As a transponder for LBL or USBL positioning, an underwater communication network or relay chain node, the S2C beacon is a great performer for multiple subsea applications

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