uncrewed surface vehicle

The smart and highly integrated design of the Sonobot 5 enables outstanding one-man transportation and deployment. With powerful thrusters and a full working day battery capacity, the Sonobot 5 represents the smallest and easiest-to-handle autonomous vehicle that can be equipped with a professional multibeam sonar

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Text and Image

Debuted in March 2023, the new  EvoLogics Multibeam  for the Sonobot is based on a Norbit OEM solution, an entry-class multibeam sonar with a professional approach. It comes with a high-grade dual GNSS and INS positioning and motion control which is standard for all Norbit echosounders. With 256 beams at 1.45°x1°, a range of over 200 m, and a ping rate of 50 Hz, this system enables professional surveillance that complies with the IHO’s S-44 standard.

The EvoLogics Multibeam is a tailored solution for the Sonobot 5 platform. It offers the advantages of multibeam riverbed mapping in a compact and lightweight unit that seamlessly integrates with the vehicle.


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High-precision measurements and recordings

  • different GNSS-options available (DGPS with/without RTK, laser tracking over
    a total station)

  • Sonars: single-beam echosounder, multibeam echosounder, side-scan sonar (in variable configurations according to customer needs)

  • HD camera for navigation support, photo- and video recordings

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  • Rapid system deployment, excellent maneuverability and area coverage thanks to powerful and efficient drives

  • Special system software for planning, execution and evaluation of the survey

  • Communication over a redundant mesh network enables work with/without a WLAN station, including integration of additional modules (laser tracking) without any configuration effort

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  • Autonomous and radio controlled operation modes

  • Direct Wi-Fi communication with redundant link or GPRS/UMTS

  • Mission planning includes settings for sonar parameters

  • Configurable data output

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  • Built from seawater-resistant robust materials (basalt laminate, stainless steel, plastic)

  • Suitable for operations in industrial waste waters

  • PC for field operations

  • On-board data logging, wireless transmissions on demand

  • Transport case, suitable for air transport

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Easy handling

  • Assembly completely without tools

  • Can be handled by a single person

  • Fits into a car trunk compartment for transport

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Object recognition

  • Objects of interest are detected and visually highlighted in the operator’s control software onshore - all live during the mission

  • AI-based system as an extra module that runs directly onboard the vehicle and analyses raw data

  • Available for side-scan sonar output and video feeds

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G-TEC Positioning - EvoLogics Sonobot for surveys and analysis: