S2C R WiSE Modems
& Developer Tools

S2C R White Line Science Edition (WiSE) series of underwater acoustic modems offers an open environment for network protocol developers, providing a flexible framework for testing new network protocols on real hardware - the S2CR WiSE acoustic modems facilitate an embedded firmware sandbox of up to 32 GB.

Instead of a developer PC, scripts and custom software can run in the sandbox, a “virtual PC” inside the modem.

The Sandbox is a GNU/Linux container based on the Angstrom Distribution. It enables Bash/Tcl/Expect and web-server programming. Moreover, it is supplied with a full GNU cross-toolchain for C and C++ software development. 

The hosted sandbox eliminates the need to interface each node of the test network to a dedicated PC for running code. Scripts and other programs can be run directly on the WiSE underwater acoustic modem, which makes S2C WiSE a time- and cost-effective hardware solution for development and testing.

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The WiSE toolchain allows to build custom firmware modules for S2C modems and opens endless opportunities for new implementations. 

It includes the uClibs library, GCC(C, C++) compiler and GDB debugger, and enables cross-compiling C/C++ applications for the modem sandbox.

Tcl/expect, a tool for automating interactive applications, is pre-installed in
the WiSE sandbox.

Following development frameworks can be installed in the sandbox:

  • DESERT framework, an NS-Miracle extension to DEsign, Simulate, Emulate and Realize Test-beds for Underwater network protocols.

  • EviNS, a framework for development of underwater acoustic sensor networks and positioning Systems.

S2C R WiSE Configuration Options 
  • Housing: Delrin (high-grade plastic)

  • Interface: Ethernet

  • OEM versions without housing available for easy integration

Unique applications might require additional customization.  EvoLogics experts are always ready to address any special requests.


S2C R WiSE modems extend the functionality of the main R-series modem range, implementing the patented S2C communication technology that delivers great results in most challenging conditions. 2 models of S2CR WiSE modems are available in several configurations and suit a wide range of real-world application scenarios.

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S2C Emulator

Test new underwater network protocols and/or application solutions without underwater modems

The S2C emulator a new tool that offers more flexibility for underwater network protocol developers and end-users of EvoLogics underwater acoustic modems and positioning systems.

A real-time emulator of the S2CR-series underwater acoustic modems, this tool is aimed at optimizing underwater network protocol development by taking out expensive modem hardware from the early testing stages - it emulates all features of the modem's data-link layer protocol and includes a simulator of the physical layer protocol.

Any code, written and run on the modem emulator, can be later run on the actual modem hardware without any modifications, offering a time-saving solution that minimizes development costs for upper-layer network protocols and simplifies integration of EvoLogics devices into underwater infrastructure.

A network of virtual underwater acoustic modems, configured and run on EvoLogics server, can be accessed remotely and provides a hardware-free framework for development and training.

The emulator is now also available as a standalone device: the S2C Emulator Box that does not require a network connection.

  • A time-saver for code debugging and refinement

  • Supports several virtual modems at once

  • Offers the freedom of working over remote access

  • Solutions, designed and tested with the emulator, are easy to export to modem hardware