S2C Technology

Innovations inspired by nature

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Adapted from nature: S2C technology

To overcome the common problems of transmitting data underwater, EvoLogics founders turned to dolphins, known to use a wide variety of acoustic signals to efficiently communicate over long distances. Dolphins and whales “chirp” and “sing” across a broad frequency bandwidth. This continuous change of frequency does not only transmit information, but also compensates for interference caused
by echoes and noise.

Building upon eight years of studies on the physics of dolphin communication, EvoLogics has developed the patented Sweep Spread Carrier (S2C) technology.

To mimic dolphin sound pattern, modems built on S2C technology continuously spread the signal energy over a wide range of frequencies and adapt the signal structure so that the multipath signal components do not interfere with each other. At the receiver end, advanced signal processing collects the energy and converts the received signals into narrow-band signals. This allows to significantly depress multipath disturbances and provides a substantial gain, enabling successful decoding of signals in harsh environments even when they are heavily masked by noise.

EvoLogics S2C spread-spectrum communication technology over the years grew into a whole ecosystem of products that now includes several series of underwater acoustic modems, underwater positioning systems, an advanced framework for developers, as well as novel robotic solutions and innovative R&D projects.

Odoo • Image and Text