Underwater Networking

The S2C technology offers a wide range of networking possibilities for different applications. These range from point to point relaying and message broadcasting to more capable networks that include ad hoc networking with neighborhood discovery, path finding and relaying of delay sensitive and delay tolerant data. In addition to enabling underwater networking capabilities, the S2C networking options allow the platform to be readily integrated in heterogeneous configurations that include surface, air and underwater assets.


Coordination among different assets

Networking communication allows the coordination among different assets, such as AUVs that can then act as swarms.

Extended communication

Through networking it is possible to extend the communication range, using relay nodes. Another possibility is to adjust the communication path if the signal to a node is lost, be it because of obstacles or challenging communication environments.

Access nodes to collect data

Enable the collection of data from multiple nodes using a single node from the surface.


  • Develop Networking Protocols: Using the available developer tool-chains and frameworks, creating an ideal platform for development and experimentation

  • Positioning: Combine reliable communication power with the positioning options offered by S2C USBL and LBL equipment.

  • Available in all EvoLogics S2C products, with a wide range of hardware configurations possible to adapt to different needs.

Flexible Developer Options

The S2C devices with activated networking capabilities include a wide range of tools to make the development of networking solutions possible out of the box:

  • Hosted sandbox in the device‚Äôs hardware, to run scripts and programs without the need of a dedicated PC

  • Tool-chain including different programming languages: GCC (C, C++) compiler, GDB debugger, Tcl/expect, Erlang

  • Network Development Frameworks:

    • EviNS, an open-source framework for development of underwater acoustic sensor networks and positioning Systems (developed by EvoLogics).

    • DESERT framework, an NS-Miracle extension to DEsign, Simulate, Emulate and Realize Test-beds for Underwater network protocols (third-party, open-source).

  • DMAC emulator, a real-time emulator of the S2CR-series underwater acoustic modems aimed at optimizing underwater network protocol development by taking out expensive modem hardware from the early testing stages

Trainings and Seminars

EvoLogics provides trainings and seminars about networking capabilities, development and research. You can contact us to find out about current planned events or inquire about more details.


The networking features and frameworks can be enabled in any of our S2C acoustic communication and positioning devices. You can find further information about each product family on the links below or you can contact us to receive further information.