SiNAPS 2 software


Powerful and Efficient

Upgraded data engine
with improved positioning accuracy

Multiple Positioning Methods

USBL (Ultra-Short Baseline), LBL (Long Baseline)
and advanced hybrid setups

Intuitive and Fast

Configure and manage
complex scenarios

SiNAPS 2  is the new upgraded underwater acoustic positioning software from EvoLogics.

Rebuilt from scratch, it comes with a more powerful and efficient data engine with improved positioning accuracy.

The updated user interface and intuitive workflows allow for easier onboarding and system integration.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


  • Real-time multiple target tracking

  • Built-in system calibration tools

  • Data input from multiple sensors, real-time output of positioning data and sensor data for custom forwarding and processing

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


  • Web-based user interface - use SiNAPS on any device in the local computer network

  • Intuitive and fast to configure even for complex scenarios

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


  • Easy management of multiple databases for separated data sets

  • Supports advanced data fusion strategies

  • Automation options

SiNAPS offers extensive display tools for any type of mission, including:

  • Visualization of acoustic communication

  • Online and offline background maps

  • Distance measurement

  • Collapsible control panels

  • Various layers


SiNAPS is fully compatible with the whole range of EvoLogics  underwater acoustic modems and  USBL devices that support simultaneous tracking and bidirectional communication.

Compatible modem firmware: v.1.9 and up.

How does it work

SiNAPS is based on the Server - Client architecture.

The SiNAPS server is a software component, installed on the Navigation computer interfaced with an EvoLogics transceiver and other sensors on the vessel. SiNAPS server receives, processes and stores data from the instruments, it performs all the necessary calculations to estimate target positions and display this information on-screen.

SiNAPS client is the web-based user interface of the positioning system. It displays real-time information about the positions of the vessel and the targets, provides access to data management tools and system configuration settings. The user interface can be opened in most current web-browsers on any device in the local computer network. It is possible to open SiNAPS clients on multiple devices at once. To access SiNAPS UI, one must simply navigate the web-browser to the correct address.