S2C D-MAC Emulator

The S2C D-MAC Emulator is a software tool that offers extra flexibility for underwater network protocol developers and end-users of EvoLogics underwater acoustic modems and positioning systems.

A real-time emulator of the S2CR-series underwater acoustic modems, this tool is aimed at optimizing underwater network protocol development by taking out expensive modem hardware from the early testing stages - it emulates all features of the modem's data-link protocol layer and includes a phenomenological simulator of the physical protocol layer.

  • A great learning tool for end-users of EvoLogics modems: get familiar with the command set without the hardware

  • Allows testing new underwater network protocols and/or application solutions without underwater modems

  • A time-saver for code debugging and refinement

  • Test the interface between your software development and the acoustic modems

  • Supports several virtual modems at once

  • Offers the freedom of working over remote access

  • Solutions, designed and tested with the emulator, are easy to export to modem hardware

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Optimize Development Costs

Any code, written and run on the modem emulator, can be later run on the actual modem hardware without any modifications, offering a time-saving solution that minimizes development costs for upper layer network protocols and simplifies integration of acoustic modems into underwater infrastructure.


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Remote access subscription

A network of virtual underwater acoustic modems is configured and run on EvoLogics server. Access to the emulated environment is granted over VPN.

The service is offered on a subscription basis.

Standalone device

Standalone hardware: the EMULATOR BOX does not require a connection to EvoLogics' servers and is run on the customer's premises.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Acoustic modem emulator structure

  • Data-link layer emulator

  • Linux kernel module that controls data exchange between the data-link layer and the physical layer

  • Physical layer simulator

  • Acoustic channel simulator

S2C Physical Layer - what is simulated

  • Signal propagation delays

  • Data packet collision detection

  • Packet synchronization and demodulation errors

  • USBL Positioning

  • Movement and rotation of the virtual modems

  • Atomic-clock

  • Attenuation