Baikal Neutrino Telescope

EvoLogics underwater acoustic modems demonstrated 5 mm positioning accuracy at Baikal Neutrino Telescope

EvoLogics GmbH, a leading vendor in the underwater communication market, announced 5 mm positioning accuracy, demonstrated by EvoLogics underwater acoustic positioning system at Baikal Neutrino Telescope positioning tests.

In 2010 EvoLogics GmbH performed an underwater acoustic positioning test, determining the coordinates of free-floating detector lines of the Baikal Neutrino Telescope, an underwater elementary particles detector operating at the depth of 1.2 km in Lake Baikal, Russian Federation.

The Baikal Neutrino Telescope NT200+ is taking data at the southwestern part of Lake Baikal since 1998, detecting Cherenkov radiation emitted when incoming high-energy neutrino cascades create electrons or muons in the water.

A new technology prototype detector line was installed in spring 2008 as part of NT200+ R&D program for a larger, cubic kilometer-scale telescope in Lake Baikal. The R&D program involves upgrading the hydro-acoustic positioning system of the telescope, currently measuring the coordinates of the drifting optical modules to within 40 cm.

Based on EvoLogics S2C underwater acoustic modems, a LBL (Long Baseline) underwater acoustic positioning system has been tested at the telescope site as an option for the future positioning system upgrade.

EvoLogics S2C underwater acoustic positioning beacon had been submerged to the depth of 1 km for many hours. Its position was measured with 5 mm accuracy, by far exceeding current accuracy requirements of 40 cm. Based on S2C technology, EvoLogics underwater acoustic positioning system, had thus been proven suitable for integration into sophisticated Baikal Neutrino Telescope, where accurate positioning data is crucial for determining particle trajectories.

EvoLogics GmbH is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in underwater acoustic communications, underwater acoustic positioning equipment and innovative solutions for robotics.

The Baikal Neutrino Telescope is an underwater elementary particles detector operating in Baikal Lake, Russian Federation.

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