Balt Military Expo

Advances in underwater defence applications to be presented at Balt Military Expo

Through the combination and synergy of innovations in EvoLogics products and technologies, new applications have been developed for the underwater defence sector. At Balt Military Expo taking place in Gdansk, Poland June 23 - 25th 2010, visitors interested in cutting-edge technologies will be able to know the products and solutions available, and talk with experts from the company.

EvoLogics will present the latest developments in its acoustic modems product line and the advances in integration with positioning, data logging and power management options. Moreover, the specific security features such as concealed communication, as well as the capability to integrate different encryption layers will be shown. All this is complemented by precise positioning solutions and the ability to develop underwater networks for redundancy, optimal transmission power configuration and monitoring of large areas. This results in powerful early warning capabilities against intruders in water bodies.

Also available at Balt Military Expo will be the newest developments in Robotics. In this area EvoLogics has specialized in new concepts regarding manipulators and grippers, flexible ROVs and AUVs with adjustable payload sizes as well as in autonomous cartography and target finding robots.

Balt Military Expo takes place in Gdansk, Poland June 23-25th 2010. The goal is to present cutting-edge technological solutions, weaponry, equipment and accesories to serve the defence, security, safety and emergency rescue at sea and on the coast.

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