Bionic penguins

Bionic penguins among 50 top innovations of 2009

Time magazine has named the bionic penguins developed at EvoLogics in cooperation with Festo as one of the top 50 innovations of the year. This developments are based on 25 years research into the biology of penguins, combined with EvoLogics' expertise in bionics and robotics.

The robots incorporate several developments in biomechanics including the patented FinRay effect creating a three dimensional structure giving the penguin free torso movement in any direction. Propulsion mimics the swimming of real penguins, by flapping the wings at different angles and speeds. With the use of advance 3-D sonar technology they can navigate autonomously, avoiding other penguins and objects.

The robots present breakthroughs in energy efficiency through advanced hydrodynamic body countours, simple mechanics and intelligent systems control and programming.

EvoLogics GmbH is a high-tech enterprise specialized in bionics, focus on the production of underwater acoustic communication and positioning equipment.

For further information visit the Bionic Learning Network page at Festo.

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