Dr. Rudolf Bannasch interviewed on "Planet Wissen"

Dr. Rudolf Bannasch interviewed on "Planet Wissen" to talk about fascinating bionics

Dr. Rudolf Bannasch founder and Manager Director of Evologics Gmbh, appears as a Guest Investigator on the Planet Wissen TV show. The show explored problems that nature has solved and optimized over millions of years of evolution under the most difficult conditions.

On the show Dr. Bannasch explained the principles behind all developments in nature: continuous optimization, where saving energy and material are a priority. EvoLogics has learned from nature to design accordingly the most efficient solutions. Improving on the solutions of nature some products of Evologics Gmbh were shown, such as the bionic loop propeller. This propeller on average generated 30% more energy while emitting only half the noise than normal propellers. In this case it is also shown where the optimization of nature has found some barriers and how researchers can overcome them.

Amongst other product developments the most reliable underwater data transmission modems, inpired by the communication of dolphins, and efficient vehicle shapes inspired in the form of the penguins that reduce drag significantly were explained.

Dr. Rudolf Bannasch has over 30 years of polar biology and bionics research experience. He is one of the co-founders of EvoLogics GmbH where biologically inspired innovations and engineering solutions are implemetned.

EvoLogics GmbH is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in underwater acoustic communications, underwater acoustic positioning equipment and innovative solutions for robotics.

"Planet Wissen" is a documentary and science magazine show, organized jointly by the WDR and the SWR in cooperation with BR-alpha. You can see Dr. Bannasch's appearance at the program Fazinierede Bionik on their webpage.

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