EvoLogics GmbH at Oceanology International 2014

Unveiling a new series of compact-size underwater acoustic modems and other recent developments

EvoLogics GmbH, specialists in underwater communication and positioning systems from Berlin, Germany, is proud to announce a new series of “mini” underwater acoustic modems, boasting the company’s patented S2C technology in a compact design. The new M-series will be presented at Oceanology International 2014 exhibition from 11 to 13 March in London, UK, along with the company’s other latest developments.

Modern marine industry demonstrates a strong trend towards smaller, lighter, power-efficient autonomous (AUV) and remotely-operated vehicles (ROV). To target these size- and weight-sensitive applications, engineers at EvoLogics GmbH have developed a new range of underwater acoustic modems - the S2C M-series, that offers the full benefits of the company’s patented S2C (Sweep-Spread Carrier) communication technology in a light and compact design.

The new M-series is fully compatible with the company’s standard S2C R and S2C R USBL series, and will include a selection of directional and nondirectional short- mid- and long-range devices that fit various application scenarios. The new series relies on the EvoLogics S2C broadband communication technology to overcome the challenges of dynamic underwater environment and deliver a great performance in various subsea conditions. M-modems are smaller and lighter than the standard EvoLogics R-series devices, but deliver an uncompromised performance of the full-sized product line.

The full M-series product range will be available in late Q2 2014.

Available now are the recent additions to the standard S2C R and S2C R USBL series - EvoLogics now offers its popular S2C R 18/34 and S2C R 18/34 USBL in a limited-edition deep-water configuration. 18/34 D and 18/34 D USBL are available in titanium housing and are depth rated to 6000 m.

At Oceanology International 2014, EvoLogics team will report about the company’s latest achievements in implementing its solutions for various maritime applications, that include a auto-calibrating LBL (long baseline) positioning system for shallow-water deployment, recent advances in multiple-sensor integration and distributed sensor networking, custom integration solutions - for example, with an underwater camera providing a live-feed from a towfish etc.

The company’s robotic solutions will again be represented by Sonobot - EvoLogics’ autonomous unmanned surface vehicle, a compact and usable platform for hydrographic surveys. Sonobot recently underwent a hardware upgrade, and a new Sonobot control software is currently at last development stages.

Oceanology International is among the world’s largest forums for marine science and technology. With 525 exhibiting companies in 2014, it features several technical conferences, visiting vessels and waterside demonstrations programmes.

EvoLogics GmbH (Berlin, Germany) is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in underwater acoustic communications, acoustic positioning equipment and innovative solutions for robotics.