Highlights security features of S2C acoustic systems

EvoLogics highlights security features of S2C acoustic systems

EvoLogics GmbH in MS&D 2009, Hamburg, Germany, exhibits its products and developments, with a special emphasis on security features of the S2C acoustic modems and USBL antennas that can be employed for defense. 

Beyond the standard reliability provided by S2C acoustic modems the signal characteristics allow coveted communication below the noise level at the reception point. The S2C receiver is capable of recovering
the signal up to -30dB. 

Additionally to the standard data encryption the reference signal can be changed to a pattern only known to the transmitting parties, dramatically reducing the opportunity for interpretation even when there is interception. Since S2C acoustic modems and USBL antennas employ the same signals for positioning and transmission all these features apply also to the positioning and navigation applications. 

EvoLogics GmbH is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the production of underwater acoustic communication and positioning equipment. 

MS&D 2009 Hamburg brings together experts and policy makers from all around the world to put forward analyses and solutions to the current problems in maritime security and defense – making MS&D a key forum for decision makers.