Ocean Business 2015

EvoLogics product launch at Ocean Business 2015: new high-speed mini-modem and more

EvoLogics GmbH, German experts in underwater information technologies, announce the S2CM-HS - a high-speed “mini” modem that offers rates up to 62.5 kbps for short-range data transmissions. The product will be presented at Ocean Business 2015 in Southampton, UK, along with the company’s other developments in underwater communication and positioning.

EvoLogics S2CM-HS is an addition to the S2CM range of “mini” modems, boasting the company’s patented S2C technology in a light and compact design. EvoLogics further tackles speed, size- and weight-sensitive applications, supporting the industry trend for smaller and power-efficient solutions. S2CM-HS will be available with a cable-mounted transducer, offering more options for system integration, for example, into diver communication systems. The M-series is fully compatible with the company’s standard S2C R and S2C R USBL series that rely on the patented broadband communication technology, overcoming the challenges of dynamic underwater environment to deliver a great performance in various subsea conditions. M-modems are smaller and lighter than the standard EvoLogics R-series devices, but offer an uncompromised performance of the full-sized product line.

At Ocean Business 2015 EvoLogics will offer another innovation - an extension of its WiSE (White line Science Edition) range for developers, the S2C Modem Emulator Box. The successful S2C Modem Emulator has up to date been only available over remote access to train future users, as well as to test and debug applications, written for the company’s hardware. The Emulator is now available as standalone hardware that does not require a connection to company’s servers to use virtual EvoLogics S2C modems. The tool emulates all features of S2C modems’ data-link layer and includes a physical layer simulator. Any code, written and tested on the emulator, can be later run on the actual communication and positioning devices without any modifications.

Last but not least, EvoLogics will showcase the latest edition of the Sonobot USV, the company’s usable platform for hydrographic surveys that recently underwent extensive hardware and software updates. The new Sonobot is now offered in three reworked configurations, with upgrade options available for each.

Ocean Business will host two demonstration sessions for EvoLogics underwater communication technologies and the Sonobot USV for bathymetric surveys:

“Using underwater acoustic modems for monitoring telemetry including image transmission and multi-sensor data” on Wednesday, April 15th, at 15.00 - Classroom, Student Centre Room 121/11

“Sonobot: Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Surface Vehicle” on Tuesday, April 14th, at 09.30 - Dockside.

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