The SUNSET networking framework

The SUNSET networking framework now includes drivers for EvoLogics hardware

With the release of its recent Add-On package v1.0, the SUNSET (Sapienza University Networking framework for underwater Simulation, Emulation and real-life Testing) networking framework now includes drivers for Evologics underwater acoustic modems.

The SUNSET package was developed at the SENSES (SEnsors NetworkS and Embedded Systems) laboratory of the Computer Science Department at University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

Based on the popular network simulator ns-2 and its ns-miracle extension, SUNSET is an open source developer solution for simulation, emulation and real-life testing of communication protocols, proven well-suitable for the underwater environment. In the emulation mode, SUNSET interfaces the protocol stack with external hardware devices including commercial underwater acoustic modems, sensors and mobile underwater platforms.

Based on the SUNSET experience, “La Sapienza“ has started a spinoff company named WSENSE S.r.l. which will exploit new technologies and solutions for underwater monitoring systems.

EvoLogics GmbH is proud to have its S2CR underwater acoustic modems supported by the SUNSET framework, which now includes the drivers for EvoLogics hardware in its new Add-on package v1.0.

Any EvoLogics underwater communication or positioning device with firmware versions 1.4 and 1.6
can be connected to a host-PC or an embedded device (Gumstix, PC104 or other ARM-based system) running SUNSET via either Ethernet or RS-232. The SUNSET generic modem driver and the SUNSET EvoLogics driver then handle the cross-layer messages between the ns-2 and the modem, enabling the tested protocol stack with real acoustic transmissions.

The entire protocol stack is independent from the communication device, so implementing new protocol solutions is fast and simple - developers and researchers can run tests and modify protocol parameters without making any changes to the external communication device, while reconfiguring the communication device does not involve any modifications of the tested protocol stack. With a few overhead bits, the delay SUNSET introduces in emulation mode lies within milliseconds, proving the SUNSET to be a lightweight solution for field trials.

The integration between EvoLogics modems and SUNSET was successfully tested during various field experiments, including tests of novel routing protocols at the NATO Undersea Research Centre (NURC), communication interface trials for remote AUV control, trials for an underwater environment monitoring network that includes sensors for temperature, CO2 and methane concentration measurements etc. Before its release, the driver for EvoLogics devices underwent extensive testing during these field trials.

Opening even more opportunities for research and development in the growing field of underwater networking, the SUNSET framework, moreover, can be installed into the firmware sandbox of the recently released EvoLogics WiSE (White Line Science Edition) underwater acoustic modems, eliminating the need to dedicate a host-PC to each individual modem in the testbed.

EvoLogics GmbH (Berlin, Germany) is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in underwater acoustic communications, acoustic positioning equipment and innovative solutions for robotics.

WSENSE is a spin-off of the Unversity of Rome "La Sapienza" providing cutting edge solutions for underwater and terrestrial monitoring through wireless sensor networks. The multidisciplinary expertise of the people of WSENSE, ranging from hardware and transducers to software and protocols, leads to innovative and cost effective products covering all of the customer's needs: from data acquisition and communication to data analysis and management.