S2C Firmware End-of-Life (EOL)

The following table shows the support dates of different firmware versions.

Firmware version
End-of-Life date
1.5 and before
31 / Dec / 2017
31 / Jul / 2018
1.7 LTS
31 / Oct / 2019
31 / Oct / 2019
1.9 LTS
31 / Jul / 2022
at least until 31 / Jul / 2025

How can the firmware version of a device be checked? The firmware installed when the device was shipped is mentioned in the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) certificate. A newer version may have been installed since then. To check the current firmware version on the device the command ATI0 can be run on the modem or USBL.

What happens when a firmware version has reached EOL? When a particular version of the firmware is no longer supported, this means that devices using this particular version can no longer be delivered. Older devices can be upgraded to a newer firmware version to be compatible with newer devices. If there is a support or repair request, a device with an EOL firmware version may need to be updated to a newer version.

How can the firmware of an older device be upgraded? To upgrade the firmware of an older device, an firmware upgrader can be supplied. Please contact us over the support page to request a firmware updater, providing the devices serial number and current firmware version.

What happens if support for an EOL version firmware is required? If support for an EOL firmware version is required beyond the EOL date, please contact our sales team to get a quote for the extended support.