Depth rated

Depth rated device for long-range data transfers

Highly Configurable

Multiple configuration options and extra modules available to best-fit the particular application scenario

Directivity pattern

The beam pattern is optimal for transmissions in horizontal channels



Delrin 200 m
Aluminium Alloy 2000 m
Stainless Steel 2000 m
Titanium 6000 m
Operating Range 6000 m
Frequency Band 15 - 27 kHz
Transducer Beam Pattern wide-angle, 120 degrees


Slant Range Accuracy [1] 0.01 m
Bearing Resolution 0.1 deg
Nominal SNR 10 dB


Acoustic Connection up to 9.2 kbit/s
Bit Error Rate less than 10-¹⁰
Internal Data Buffer 1 MB, configurable
Host Interface [2] Ethernet or RS-232
Interface Connector up to 4 connectors, Ethernet and serial combinations


Stand-by Mode 2.5 mW
Listen Mode 5 - 285 mW
Receive Mode 1.4 W
Transmit Mode 5.5 W, 250 m range
8 W, 500 m range
18 W, 1000 m range
65 W, max. available
External 24 VDC (12 VDC)
Internal rechargeable battery 5 Ah or 10 Ah


Aluminium Alloy
Stainless Steel
Housing Ø 113x218 mm
USBL antenna Ø 180x175mm
Total length 393 mm
Delrin 8100/1400 g
Aluminium Alloy 9800/5300 g
Stainless Steel 13640/9540 g
Titanium 13420/8920 g
1) Slant range estimation is based on the measured propagation time, slant range accuracy depends on sound velocity profile, refraction and signal-to-noise ratio.
2) One RS-232 Interface can be replaced with a RS-422 interface. Contact EvoLogics for more information!
3) Power consumption for RS-232 interface. Add 500 mW if an Ethernet interface is installed. Add 300 mW if the Wake-Up Module is installed. User-configurable Listen Mode is only available with a Wake-Up module installed. Power consumption in Listen Mode depends on Listen Mode settings.
4) Contact EvoLogics for more information on external and internal power supply options.
5) Dimensions of a Delrin housing, other builds are slightly larger.
6) Internal Xsens® MTi AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System) compensates the changes of roll, pitch and heading. Power consumption increases by 400 mW with AHRS installed.
7) The Wake Up Module is only compatible with RS-232 interface! It is not compatible with Ethernet or RS-422. 2-interface Wake Up Module version reacts to incoming data on two serial interfaces.
8) The Power Switch is only compatible with RS-232 interface! It is not compatible with Ethernet or RS-422.

Specifications subject to change without notice. ©EvoLogics GmbH

S2C R 15/27 USBL Directivity Pattern

Modules and Options

Internal AHRS [6]

iUSBL configuration

Wake-Up Module [7]

Power switch [8]
Advanced Timekeeping Module
SDM Version
Acoustic Release Device
Floatation Collar
Pressure Sensor
Cable-Mounted Transducer