The NaviMUM sub-project will enable the autonomous and accurate underwater navigation, positioning and communication of the new vehicle class, based on a telemetry network that will be created by autonomous network nodes in the vicinity of the vehicle.  

First of all the spectrum of tasks to be undertaken by MUM will be analyzed to establish the specific requirements for NaviMUM. Individual solutions will then be developed and combined to create an overall concept for the functional spectrums of the individual network nodes and adaptive capabilities of the self-organizing support network. The system will also be integrated into the MUM vehicle guidance system. Different mission strategies and safety measures will be simulated and the hard- and software configurations defined. Prototypes for the autonomous network nodes will then be developed and built. 

The need for autonomy means that each unit will need to have its own propulsion and trim systems, a flow-optimized design and further sensors. Research will also be conducted into self-setting anchors for stationary tasks. Extensive laboratory and open water trials will serve to test the individual nodes and to develop and fine-tune the algorithms for acoustic network activities in a variety of underwater scenarios and maneuver processes. The planned model tests and port/open water trials will be supported and validated by newly developed underwater network, measuring and communications technology.  

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