EvoLogics modems supporting JANUS and SWiG interoperability standards

the team confirms participation in the SWiG Interoperability Demonstration

Standardizing subsea communication is essential for future-proofing underwater technologies, and EvoLogics invests significant development efforts into the interoperability of the company’s underwater acoustic modems lineup. By providing a common framework, standards encourage innovation among manufacturers and foster a collaborative approach to addressing the unique challenges of underwater communication.

NATO’s ANEP-87 standard (commonly known as JANUS) was first recognized in 2017, with the most recent version released in 2024. The standard defines an underwater communications protocol to support the interoperation of acoustic modems from various manufacturers. Being an active member of the JANUS community, EvoLogics fully implements the JANUS Band A in its S2C 7/17 modems line, and development work is ongoing for bands C, D and E.

Taking place in Šibenik, Croatia in late October 2024, SWiG Interoperability Demonstration is an important opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of modern acoustic modems, and accepts applications until the end of June.

With their participation in the demo, EvoLogics is happy to contribute to the widespread adoption of interoperability standards in underwater communications. In Croatia, the team will also showcase the recently introduced Diver Navigation system that features 18/34 modems.