RAMONES offers a radical vision of science-enabled cutting-edge solutions in both instrumentation and robotic sensing platforms towards a step change in Radioactivity Monitoring in Ocean Ecosystems.

RAMONES aims to prove that innovative combination and advancement of recent developments in sensory materials, low-power autonomous robotic systems, and process modelling theories, have the potential to overcome current limitations and open the window to high temporal and spatial resolution underwater radioactivity measurements, in situ and in near real time, forming a game-changer in deep-water environmental monitoring.

RAMONES will design, develop and validate a new generation of radiation detecting instruments, providing both high efficiency and fine resolution to perform spectroscopic studies in the marine environment. State-of-the-art sensors and methods will be developed and cross-combined to create a novel, currently non-existing, generation of low-power and fast integration-time underwater instruments for radiation measurements in extreme oceanic locations.

RAMONES will invest a significant effort to provide tools for long-term, rapid deployments, low cost per information byte, propose new AI-driven and supported methodologies, being ambitious to eventually offer scaled-up solutions to researchers, policy makers and communities.  

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