In the MUM-1 project, autonomous mobile underwater network nodes were developed on the basis of EvoLogics' acoustic S2C modems.

They accompany the MUM vehicle’s mission as an intelligent swarm and form various network configurations depending on the current state of the subsea environment. This adaptive network ensures the best possible acoustic communication and navigation of the mothership in given underwater conditions.

The MUM2navigate project aims to take the next innovative leap.

Up to this point separate, the service swarm is to be symbiotically joined with the large MUM vehicle.

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Within the framework of the project, a special MUM module with a cutting-edge multi-docking system (MDS) will be developed. The MDS will be capable of accommodating a swarm of 5-6 swim-out modems (SoMs), deploying them into operation, and recovering them at the end of the mission. A built-in acoustic guidance system helps them return home precisely and safely.

The MDS will host the SoMs in a "revolver magazine" structure. There, they recharge their batteries and exchange data via dedicated high-speed modems.


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